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Why Your Calgary Caterer Should Use Alberta Beef

MMMM…your mouth starts to water at the thought of some juicy barbequed steaks and burgers. Since it is your turn to book the office party you decide on a catered BBQ event with plenty of beef options. Who do you call to ensure your catered event is the highlight of summer? Rocky Mountain BBQ caters to you with top quality AAA Alberta beef. Why should your Calgary caterer use Alberta beef?

Taking care of the environment

Cattle in the prairies of Alberta are provided with nutritious feed such as well-watered grass and plentiful amounts of grains. Nutrients from this feed allow Alberta cows to grow strong and healthy, reducing the risks of diseases. Cattle in other parts of Canada are fed a diet primarily of corn, due to costs and limited space for grazing pastures. Did you know Alberta produces the most beef of all the provinces in Canada?

By taking care of cattle, Alberta farmers are also taking care of the environment. Alberta beef farmers actively participate in studies and trials to help reduce the water footprint and methane gas production. By using what naturally grows on the land, cattle farmers in Alberta promote the conservation of grasslands and protect the natural habitat of animals like nesting birds, grouse and ducks.

Research to produce the best quality meats

Farmers research what makes good homes for their cattle, what they should eat, and how big they should get before being used for consumption. Agricultural meetings and livestock judging are all part of the research to produce the best quality meats.

Beef is graded based on the quality of the product primarily determined by marbling.

What is marbling? When you look at a raw steak you may notice the streaks of fat throughout the lean portion of the meat. These streaks are referred to as marbling because of their resemblance to marble. Marbling adds flavour to the meat and is regarded as one of the main criteria for assessing quality. Alberta AAA beef is one of the top qualities produced in the world, noted to have lots of fat marbling which adds to the deliciousness and tenderness of the meat.

The treatment of cattle

The treatment of cattle has a major effect on the quality of the meat. For top quality products, you want to ensure the farm the cows come from treats their animals with care. A stressed-out animal’s body will react just as a human’s, with negative results. Stress-induced sickness can cause harm to the human consumer’s health, maybe even causing the animal to die prematurely.

Alberta beef stands out as one of the highest quality kinds of beef in the world. With exports to places like Japan, United States, Hong Kong, and Europe, Alberta beef is regarded as a cut above the rest. So, if you want your next party to be a standout, you should make sure your caterer uses Alberta beef. Ask your Calgary caterer where their meat products come from for a top-quality tasty BBQ beef.

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