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Celebrate Perfect Canada Day with Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering

Celebrating Canada Day is a time-honoured tradition that stirs a sense of unity and national pride among Canadians, irrespective of their geographical location. However, hosting the perfect Canada Day party involves a medley of preparations and intricate details.

Whether setting up the ideal ambiance, curating a playlist of Canadian hits, or deciding on a menu that satisfies every palate, each element contributes to the day’s overall success. How about adding a unique twist to your Canada Day celebrations this year?

Let’s explore how you can commemorate this important day with Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering and turn your celebration into an unforgettable gastronomic adventure!

Menu Planning

With BBQ catering, you have the opportunity to impress your guests with the authentic taste of Canadian barbecue, featuring perfectly grilled meats seasoned to perfection. Remember, the heart of any party is its food.

Select a variety of dishes from BBQ Catering’s extensive menu to cater to all your guests’ preferences. Some crowd-pleasers include:

  • AAA roast beef or prime rib dinner with carving station
  • New York striploin steak
  • Smoking pork sausages
  • Braised St.Louis ribs
  • Lemon dill salmon fillets and more.

These delights showcase Canada’s diverse culinary heritage, making your Canada Day party a gastronomic representation of the country’s spirit. Rocky Mountain BBQ uses the freshest top-quality food and ingredients, like our AAA Alberta Beef…we don’t settle for less, so why should you!

Canada Day Atmosphere

A big part of creating the perfect atmosphere is choosing a theme and decorating accordingly. Asides from choosing Rocky Mountain BBQ to liven up your catering, use decorations that reflect the stunning wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, like pinecones, lumberjack plaid patterns, and maple leaves. Red and white, Canada’s national colours, should dominate your colour scheme to evoke a patriotic vibe.

Set the Vibe Right!

No party is complete without a selection of toe-tapping music. Curate a playlist of Canadian classics from artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Celine Dion, or The Weeknd. If your budget permits, consider hiring a local band to add a live music element to the proceedings.

Organize games that reflect Canadian culture to entertain guests, like a hockey shootout competition or a friendly lacrosse match. You could host a “True Canadian Quiz” or a karaoke session featuring Canadian hits. These are only suggestions, as we encourage everyone to get creative with their entertainment choices for their guests during their Canada Day celebrations!

A Canada Day BBQ Party

Canada Day is a time to celebrate Canadian pride, history, and shared experiences. With careful planning, a thematic atmosphere, and the mouth-watering offerings of Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering, your Canada Day party will be one for the books.

As we revel in the spirit of Canada Day, it’s also a gentle reminder for us all to pause and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of our Indigenous Peoples.

This year, make your celebration also be about tributing the vast, diverse, and stunningly beautiful country of Canada. Happy Canada Day!

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