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Why You Should Consider Mobile Barbeque Catering For Your Next Event

Do you have a pressing event coming up on your calendar? Perhaps it’s a big and momentous occasion such as a wedding, or maybe it’s something a little more modest like a family reunion or business conference. Whatever the case, Rocky Mountain BBQ offers the Calgary Catering services you need for a smooth and streamlined event.  

With a passion for BBQ and a dedication to service, we pride ourselves on being your one stop shop BBQ catering service company. However, you may be wondering what it is about us that distinguishes our catering services – keep reading to find out. 

1. Mobile Barbeque

At Rocky Mountain BBQ, we boast mobile catering units that are 100% self-sustaining. This entails that everything needed for a successful and delicious mobile BBQ catering service is supplied by us (tables, water, food, ingredients, etc). Leave all the heavy lifting to us, we don’t want you lifting a finger! Moreover, this also allows us to adapt to unexpected changes and pressing needs from customers in an efficient manner.

And because of our mobile set up, we can both erect and disassemble our unit quickly. Furthermore, we can set up wherever is most convenient for you, your guests, and the event.

2. Delicious Food

Now for the obvious feature. It kind of goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway! Rocky Mountain BBQ services provides fresh and high quality food and ingredients that will make your guests’ tastebuds salivate uncontrollably. Everything from burgers, to pulled pork and chicken, all the way to potato and spinach salad as well as whole baked fresh pies! You name it – we got it!

And with such a vast array of delectable food options, there is literally something for everyone when you choose Rocky Mountain BBQ catering services for your upcoming event!

However, on that note, we understand that some people have allergies or food sensitivities. For this reason, we offer a great deal of flexibility in regard to our menu to ensure you and your guests are happy and satisfied!

3. Warm And Friendly Staff

The mobile BBQ makes for convenience, the delicious food begets a pleasurable meal, but our warm and friendly staff creates an experience. Our team is friendly, helpful, experienced, professional, and accommodating. Moreover, we execute based on exceptional communication not only between each another, but also with you and your guests to ensure your event goes off without a hitch!


Mobile BBQ Calgary catering services are a great way to create a hassle-free experience while hosting an event. But more than that, they also help to make a positive impression on your guests. And few things are more fulfilling than producing a great experience for those who are most important to you. 

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile BBQ catering services, contact us today for additional information.

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