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Why You Should Choose Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering for Your Next Event

Everyone loves BBQs. They bring people together, create lasting memories, and offer delicious food that allows you to eat to your heart’s desire. For these reasons, catering services in Calgary have become an abundant resource. But not every catering company is created equal. So with this being the case, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Simple. You view the praises of others. Any business can pat itself on the back, but the word from others demonstrates a business’s genuine commitment to quality and customer service. So why should you choose Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering Ltd. for your next event?

Consumer Choice Award Winner 

The Consumer Choice Award is an organization that recognizes business excellence. Established in 1987, they use statistically valid, self-supporting market research to uncover brand influence, business brilliance, and customer loyalty and satisfaction.  What sets this designation apart from other awards in North America is that recipients are selected by consumers and not a committee of judges. 

This process ensures that only the most exceptional companies are recognized. And that’s why we here at Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering are proud to be the only winner in the Caterers division within the Calgary & Southern Alberta region this year. 

How We Earned This Accolade

The Consumer Choice Award is a difficult distinction to earn. It requires a genuine commitment to customer service and constant refinement of processes. At Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering Ltd., we continually strive to improve our business to create a better catering experience for customers.

But specific details unique to our work have allowed us to earn the Consumer Choice Award. These details include:

Versatile Catering Services

Rocky Mountain BBQ is a self-sustaining catering service. We bring everything we need, from power and water to tables and food. This attribute allows us to cater for any event. Whether required for a wedding, business conference, birthday party, private function, or anything else, we’re there for our customers. 

Experienced and Dedicated Caterers 

Our team of caterers is experienced and dedicated. This fact is evident in our catering services’ process. From start to finish, the goal is to ensure our customers are free to enjoy their event. Our success would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of every one of our team members. 

Providing a Taste of Authentic Alberta BBQ

Our delectable ribs, heavenly steaks, and smoky BBQ sauce will leave your taste buds dancing. These are just a few of the authentic Alberta BBQ menu options at Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering Ltd. ‘Hot off the grill,’ our menu is a mouth-watering product line that has been passed down for generations. Straight from family recipes dating back over half a century, we also provide vegetarian options to ensure everyone can enjoy Alberta BBQ at its finest. 

Next Step: Book Your Catering Service in Calgary Today

We didn’t set out to win awards at Rocky Mountian BBQ Catering. Our goal has always been to provide fantastic catering services at affordable prices for our customers. The fact that we have earned the prestigious Consumer Choice Award only confirms we have realized (and will continue realizing) that original aim.

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