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Why Have Meat on the Menu for Your Calgary Catering Event? Benefits and Versatility!

The versatility of meat is widespread. Why it is such a great choice for your next office catering party? It is a popular dish that can serve a lot of people. When you choose to have meat options on the menu for your next office party, you’ll be sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger.

1. Chicken

Many grocery store shoppers choose to purchase chicken on their run to find something for dinner. As not everyone is a fan of beef, chicken is a perfect option since it is filled with flavour. It is very versatile in that it can be cooked in many different ways. You can sauté, roast, grill or bake your chicken. Making cultural dishes is easy by adding some spices to it for extra flavour like oregano for a Greek flare or cumin for an Indian inspired chicken.

Do you prefer white or dark meat chicken? Are you more of a thigh person or do you like to eat chicken breasts? There are many parts to a chicken and you might even be an adventurous eater and enjoy iron-rich chicken liver.

Are you ready for some delicious chicken from your Calgary catering service? Try out Rocky Mountain BBQ’s pulled chicken sandwiches or boneless butterfly cut chicken breasts for your office catering event. Yum!

2. Pork

Why would you want to order pork from the menu of your Calgary catering service? You might want to choose this meat option since pork is reasonably priced. Meat nowadays can be pricey especially as the dollar sign next to beef and lamb continues to rise significantly. Are you trying to stay within a budget for your office catering party? Try the smoked pulled pork sliders from Rocky Mountain BBQ for a delightful flavour-filled meal.

Do you have a love for the tang of fresh fruit? With so much fruit available why not pair it with your meat? Pork and fruit got together perfectly, creating a dish unlike any other. Why not choose a little apple sauce to compliment your pork chops? Apples are the perfect fruit to bring out the flavour of pork.

3. Beef

Are you trying to stay healthy but always crave a big juicy steak? Try buying less fat-focused meat by choosing a lean beef item. Beef with minimal fat still has plenty of flavour but will help you stay on that New Year’s diet. Do you prefer a specific cut or type of beef for your catered event? Beef comes in a variety of choices from roasts, ribs, and steaks to ground beef for burgers. Cooking options range from grilled, braised, smoked and BBQ. There are so many more options when you add beef to the menu!

The benefits of versatile meat products are plentiful. Next time you are looking to cater for your office party, look for a catering company that will provide you with a meat-focused versatile menu. All these meats are offered at Rocky Mountain BBQ to delight your every sense at your next office catering in Calgary!

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