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What to Check before Hiring a Wedding Caterer

For most weddings, a large portion of the budget is allocated to food and drink. A good catering company not only supplies the meal, but it will also help with the flow of dinner and the reception timeline.

Hiring the right wedding catering services is an extremely important factor in planning a wedding and sets the pace for how your celebration will go. Before you sign the contract, here is a list of what to check before hiring a wedding caterer.

Catering Services

Background Information

Does the company have a license?

A license ensures that the caterer has met local health department standards and carries the right insurance. If you’re going to be serving alcohol, ask if they have the required liquor license.

What catering styles do they offer?

The overall vibe of your reception is important and you want to make sure that the wedding catering services you choose can match it.

What is included in the package?

This will depend greatly on the catering company and the packages they offer. As a BBQ catering service in Calgary, our mobile barbecue equipment allows us to set up and cook everything on-site. We come with our own serving tables, power, and everything we need to serve your guests – including professionally dressed staff and bartenders.

Can they serve the size of your group?

Some catering companies have a minimum amount of people required and cap it a limited number of people. You want to have a good estimate of the number of guests you’ll be serving to communicate this right from the start. This helps the catering company of your choice to adequately staff their team and ensures that you and your guests are well taken care of.

Food & Drink

• Can the catering company accommodate your guests’ food allergies and dietary restrictions?

This includes gluten-free, vegetarian, and dairy-free options.

• Can you customize the menu or do they have a set menu plan?

While some prefer a customizable menu, others opt for a set menu planned by the company. Whichever option you choose, make sure that the wedding catering services you hire are in line with your preferences.

• Can you change the menu after the date is secured?

Often times, last-minute requests and RSVPs come up. Be sure to ask your catering company how much notice they require when changing the menu.

Testimonials and Reviews

• Do they have references from previous guests?

A quality catering company can provide you with testimonials and references from guests that they have previously served. Look for quality of service, professionalism, and reliability.

• Are online reviews readily available?

One of the best ways to determine if a catering company delivers on its promises is to read through a collection of online reviews. This is a sure-fire way to know what you’re hiring and how your experience is going to be.

The Right Catering Services

The wedding catering services you choose plays a significant role in one of the most important celebrations of your life! Take your time to do research, request for quotes, and ask all of the questions that you need to. A quality catering company will address your inquiries professionally and make you feel confident in hiring their services.

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