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Top 3 Ways to Avoid A Catering Disaster

Do you have a Calgary catering event coming up? It’s nerve-wracking trying to plan an event but here is some help. Here are the top 3 ways to avoid a catering disaster.

1. Consider the Temperature

Maybe you are having an outdoor Calgary catering party, in this case, you need to think about the temperature it is going to be. If it’s summertime, then it’s best to have tons of ice on hand so you can keep any raw meats cool. You do not want to have anyone going to the hospital because of salmonella. If it’s that cold time of year thinks about offering warm meals such as soups that will keep your party-goers going all night long. You’ll need an insulated tent to keep everyone warm if it’s an outside venue.

Are there any foods you should avoid altogether during an outdoor catered event?

If there is something such as a large ice cream cake that can’t be contained inside a cooler, keep this off the list or it will need to be consumed before melting away in the hot sun. If you are thinking it would be a great idea to serve a hot chocolate fondue fountain in the middle of a winter skating party, this could be a bad idea as it might freeze if there is nowhere to keep the chocolate hot and flowing.

2. Taste Test

Taste everything you want to serve for your catered event before you go ahead with booking your catering company. Make sure you have sampled the items you are about to serve so you don’t get any surprises with a fishy tasting salad or an over-sautéed steak. You are in charge of booking the catered event so make sure you take charge of tasting every little piece of food and drink you are thinking of having at the party.

What are some of the best ways to pre-taste everything before you decide on the menu items?

Go ahead and book a day anywhere from a month to a few weeks before the event where you head down to the catering location and taste the items you are considering. You might even think about trying everything at the catering location at various intervals by ordering off their menu if they have a deli or restaurant location.

3. Cleanliness

One of the most important aspects of hiring a catering company is making sure they are clean. If hygiene goes out the window, then food and drink may come out of you when you least want it. If a client gets sick from the food they ate at your company’s party, this may leave a bad taste in their mouth about your business.

How do you make sure your catering company is clean?

You can look for signs that your caterer is hygienic by checking to see if they brought garbage bags for waste, clean their hands after dealing with messy situations, and use fresh ingredients. Keep your Calgary catering event a sick-free zone.

Now you know what to do for your next catered event and all of the other parties you are in charge of in the upcoming months. It’s time to call your caterer!

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