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Top 10 Types of Food That Are Served At Barbeques

You can make the most of outdoor summer cooking by choosing the best recipes. There are many types of foods that can turn an ordinary meal into a real celebration. There are different types of foods that can be served at barbecues and they range from kebabs and pork ribs to lamb chops and chicken wings. Following are some of the most popular options.

1. Delicious Steaks
Nothing says BBQ party like delicious grilled steaks. There are different types of steak recipes that can delight your senses but the first thing you have to do is choose the right steaks. The grade and cut of your meat will determine the results you get.

2. Perfect Burgers
Burgers are another popular option at BBQ parties. The foods come in a wide range of recipe options from the classic hamburgers to cheeseburgers, chicken burgers and several vegetarian options. You can choose different types of meats.

3. Pork Dishes
A real BBQ in most regions is not complete without pork. There are many different pork recipes and they include pulled pork, ribs, chops and other cuts. The flame-cooked pork recipes are a favorite of most people and it is important to ensure they are done right.

4. Hot Dogs
Hot dogs are a favorite at BBQ parties and they appeal to people of all ages. It is important to select the right sausages to ensure you get perfect grilling results. Knowing the different types of sausage will help and you can select from fresh, cured or smoked sausages.

5. Grilled Chicken
Grilled chicken is a popular BBQ dish that works perfectly for any occasion. It is important to avoid overcooking the chicken so that it can remain juicy and tender. Preparing the chicken and the grill will help to ensure the best results.

6. Grilled Kebabs
The threaded chunks of marinated meat and vegetables are an all time favorite. Grilled kebabs are easy to make and you can choose ingredients of your choice to create variety. They are great for feeding a large crowd with minimum effort.

7. Grilled Fish
Cooking fresh fish over a live fire is a magical experience that will delight anyone. Whether you choose to grill a whole side of salmon, grill a few whole sardines, or a basket of delicate filets, grilled fish is always healthy and delicious.

8. Potato Salad
You cannot really say you have served BBQ food without potato salad. You can find several delicious potato salad recipes to complement any meal whether you choose the classic potato with mayo or a sweet potato version.

9. Cole Slaw Recipes
The classic Cole slaw is made from green cabbage but you can use other types of cabbage to prepare this dish. When you add creamy dressing to your slaw, it can complement any of your different grilled meats to perfection.

10. Sweet Corn
Serving local sweet corn along with tomatoes will ensure that your guests enjoy every bite. Sweet corn is perfect anywhere, anytime and corn on the cob is a classic barbeque party food. Serve the corn piping hot with butter and salt.

It is also important to give guests something healthy to complement their meal and summer vegetables that are in season can do the trick. A salad will help to add color and crunch to the BBQ. If you need catering for your BBQ, we are the best in the business for you to rely on!

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