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Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering | 2023 S. Alberta Consumer Choice Award Winner

The 2023 Consumer Choice Award for catering goes to Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering, a local establishment that has served the area of Calgary by providing exceptional cuisine for any type of event. Noted as being homemade Alberta barbecue cuisine, those attending an event where this award-winning company’s foods will be present are sure to enjoy a fantastic experience. That’s why they’ve been named the best of the best in catering in Southern Alberta and Calgary.

Why You’ll Want to Enjoy Their Food

Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering offers mobile dining at its finest. The company is noted for its exceptional quality but also for its numerous dishes and its ability to consistently meet the needs of its clients. The company’s menu is diverse, including options like “hot off the grill” beef products along with chicken and pork combinations. You’ll want to check out the Rocky Mountain Smokin’ Sausage, a dish the company has become known for thanks to its secret family recipe.

Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering is one of the finest Calgary catering establishments for other reasons, too. For example, the company focuses on sustainable cooking methods and ensures that its clients enjoy superior service. They meet timelines and work hard to ensure everyone not only enjoys their food but also leaves full. They work with only the very best food and ingredients, as well as AAA Alberta beef, to help differentiate themselves from other products on the market.

Winning the Consumer Choice Award showcases Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering Ltd.’s dedication to the community and to providing exceptional quality. This award, given to just one catering organization in the region, is a testament to the good work and quality service the company offers on a consistent basis through every event they attend.

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