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How to Impress Your Work Colleagues With Your Catering Choice

Are you in charge of booking your company’s next corporate event? Where do you start? With so many ideas out there, it is hard to choose one that will impress your colleagues. Rocky Mountain BBQ knows how to make your event stand out so everyone at the next staff meeting will be thanking you for the best party ever!

Food Choices

When you think party, what pops into your head? Food is one of the essential elements of a party. Without food, your event is just another day at the office. Make sure your party gets kicked up with flavour options. Each of your colleagues has different tastes, so why not provide them with a wide array of choices.

Look for food that will put a smile on everyone’s face with delicious vegetarian options, hardy meats and delicious sides. Don’t forget to add dessert!

Rocky Mountain BBQ has a variety of catering choices for you to pick from including on-site cooking, hot food delivery, cold food delivery, pick up and take-out. Go wild and mix up your options for a well-rounded event.

Reliable catering company

Pick a company you can rely on to be on time no matter what happens. Your event provider should show up through rain, snow or sunshine and be ready to handle the change of weather. Get a company experienced in dealing with all types of scenarios and fully equipped for anything. Your party must go on without fear of food not showing up or rain putting a damper on the event.

Rocky Mountain BBQ has 10 years of experience catering events and knows how to handle unpredictable scenarios. Need a tent for all that food and tables to eat at? No problem, you are covered and so is the food.


Rocky Mountain BBQ knows an accurate guest count is difficult to predict when you first book your staff party. Food requests from your team members may be due to allergies that need menu adjustments. Your Calgary catering company should be like a chameleon working and changing with you and your guests.

Did you finally get the headcount for the big day and it is now double what you expected? From 20 – 10,000+ guests, Rocky Mountain BBQ will accommodate everyone and make sure there are enough chairs to sit on.

Information Up Front

It is important to gather details about the company you hire before you decide to book them. Visiting Rocky Mountain BBQ’s website, for instance, you can view information about the company’s history, contact details, catering options and can request a quote in one easy step. Testimonials provided help you know what real people say about their experiences. Great reviews mean your experience will live up to expectations!

Now that you know what to look for at that next corporate event, get ready to wow your colleagues!

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