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How to Barbeque Like a Pro!

Too often when barbequing foods, they turn out half cooked inside and burnt to a crisp on the outside. If you really want to turn out a great barbeque that will have your family and friends singing your praises, then it is time to work on your technique. Read on for some great tips on how to barbeque like a pro!

Choosing the right grill
The first step you need to take when barbequing is to work out which grill is right for you. Tips and techniques will change depending on whether you choose a charcoal grill or gas grill. If you choose a charcoal grill then your barbequed food will take on that familiar smoky grilled taste associated with traditional barbecued foods. Charcoal grills are also normal less expensive than gas grills to buy and to run, but much less convenient to fire up and clean. With a gas grill you have the convenience of an easy clean and easy to fire up grill, but will lack the authentic smoky flavor. Your decision should boil down to what suits your needs best.

Firing up your grill
With a gas grill you can be assured of very little effort in firing it up. However, with traditional charcoal grills the firing up is a little trickier. In order to obtain the perfect grilling temperature on a traditional charcoal grill, you need to prepare the grill correctly. First you need to light your coals, and the best way of doing this is via a chimney starter. You can of course use lighter fluid, but this can add a chemical taste to your food. Once the grill is lit, pre-heat it by allowing the grill to heat up for around 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes is up, evenly distribute the hot coals to create an even cooking temperature. If you are cooking a variety of different foods, you can stack the coals in different levels to create a difference in cooking temperature.

Cleaning the grill
Although many neglect cleaning up their grills correctly, taking time to clean your grill will ensure that you will keep having great tasting food every time you barbeque. To clean your grill simply allow it to cool down slightly first, and whist still warm pour soapy water into it.  Next remove the grill grates and wipe down any drips or spills from the main body of the grill. You can clean the grills thoroughly by taking using a wire brush, which will help dislodge any food which has burnt onto the surface. Once the grill is clean and dry, take some oil and brush over the interior and grill grates. The oil will help prevent your barbeque and grill grates from rusting whilst in storage.

If this all sounds like too much off a fuss, or you have a special event such as a wedding, and don’t wish to be glued to the barbeque, consider calling up a bbq catering company to barbeque of you.  Catering companies such as a wedding catering company can arrange to barbeque food for you, without any of the fuss involved of doing it yourself.

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