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Food Day in Canada: Celebrate with Rocky Mountain BBQ

This year, ignite your August festivities with a one-of-a-kind celebration, a party focused on the diverse and mouth-watering spectrum of Canada’s culinary landscape. Food Day Canada, held on the first Saturday of August (the 5th of this year), represents an opportunity to celebrate and champion the national food scene, relishing in the abundance of local ingredients this diverse country generously offers.

There is no better way to embrace the spirit of this national celebration than by savouring the rustic flavours of a bbq catering service. With a delectable fusion of traditions, quality ingredients, and culinary craftsmanship, Rocky Mountain BBQ offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience that mirrors the diverse tastes of Canada itself! 

About Food Day Canada 

Food Day Canada (scheduled for August 5th this year) is an annual celebration showcasing the country’s rich culinary scene. Food Day Canada originally emerged as the World’s Longest BBQ, a movement initiated to provide assistance and support to farmers struggling with the repercussions of the Mad Cow crisis. As it enters its 13th year, the event has transformed, adopting a distinctly Canadian identity and embracing a broader scope.

On this day, Canadians are encouraged to savour things such as: 

  • Local dishes
  • Explore domestic produce
  • Support homegrown restaurants, farms, and food establishments. 

Restaurants nationwide participate by offering special menus highlighting local ingredients, while households join in by cooking Canadian recipes and sharing their feasts on social media. The event is a testament to Canada’s food and culinary heritage’s bounty, diversity, and quality. 

A Canadian BBQ

With BBQ catering services, celebrate Food Day the Canadian way with one of Rocky Mountain BBQ’s smoked meat platters! 

Opt for the sumptuous ‘Sauced-up BBQ Pulled Pork’ or the ‘BBQ Beef Brisket,’ slow-cooked to perfection, embodying the true essence of traditional barbecue. These dishes are seasoned with proprietary spice blends, slow-roasted over real hickory wood, and served with Rocky Mountain BBQ’s signature homemade sauces. 

We also have delicious vegetarian options like our ‘Beyond Meat Burger.’ Our ‘Vegetarian Burger’ also provides a great alternative to our BBQ selection, providing thick and filling vegetarian burgers are served alongside our full selection of condiments and served atop a freshly baked bun.

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Embrace the Flavors of the Wild on Food Day Canada

From the slow-cooked meats to the delightful sides, BBQ catering services embody the spirit of Canadian cuisine – a beautiful blend of tradition, innovation, and a deep love for quality food! 

Rocky Mountain BBQ offers an irresistible menu that you’ll be hard-pressed to find at any other catering service. Asides from outdoor events, we also cater everything from rooftop parties to weddings and everything in between – contact us today to learn more

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