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Catering Services: Calgary Catering for Small Parties

Do you have a small, upcoming party or event? Are you looking for a Calgary catering service that can provide a variety of delicious food options? Small parties are great for connecting with friends, family, or colleagues in a more intimate and informal setting. However, the make-or-break variable of these gatherings is the catering services.

For this reason, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right caterer for your event. At Rocky Mountain BBQ, we are a versatile, self-sustaining, and highly-efficient catering company. So whether you need family reunion, workplace party, or corporate catering services for your small event, we can help.

But why choose Calgary catering services? Keep reading to learn 3 reasons to consider catering for your small event.

1. Original Recipes

Smaller catering events typically entail original recipes. Rather than a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all menu, you get a more authentic (and varied) selection to choose from. For example, we offer a “Rocky Mountain Smokin’ Sausage” at Rocky Mountain BBQ, a signature dish created from a treasured family recipe. And this kind of personal touch adds a sense of genuineness to your small gathering.

2. More Time to Enjoy Your Event

Even with modest get-togethers, you still want to mingle amongst your guests. With our catering services, you’re free to enjoy your event. We are self-sufficient in every capacity: Power, water, serving tables, etc. All you have to do is tell us where we can set up. From there, we’ll handle the rest. You can enjoy your event as if you were a guest yourself! And this will be your experience when you choose Rocky Mountain BBQ for your Calgary catering services.

3. Planning is Easy

One of the most challenging aspects of any event—big or small—is planning. And while smaller events usually offer more leeway in terms of simplicity, that doesn’t mean they’re a cakewalk. However, working alongside a top caterer can make menu planning easier. Catering planners help guide you through the overwhelming menu options available. This process allows you to select tasty meals your guests will love while also accommodating possible dietary restrictions.

Are You Ready for Calgary Catering Services?

Your “small event” is a big deal. Don’t you deserve catering services that will make the event an occasion to remember? We think so! At Rocky Mountain BBQ, our friendly staff, attention to detail, and mouthwatering catering will make your event the smashing success it deserves to be. Contact us today to hire high-quality catering services.

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