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Think Unique – 5 Ways to Make Your Calgary Catering Event Stand Out!

You have a Calgary catering event coming up and are looking for a way to stand out from the typical catered party. Here are ways to make your office catering in Calgary unique.

1. Snack Time

Just because you are having a Calgary catering party with a big splashy meal does not mean you can’t have snacks before and after the big meal. Try starting your party off with some tasty appetizers when everyone arrives. Once these and the main portion of the meal are complete, close off your event with some yummy desserts. Great food will be sure to impress your clients, keeping them coming back for more business.

2. Extras

Choose a Calgary catering company that has extras to make you and your guests feel extra special. Rocky Mountain BBQ offers top quality Alberta beef and brings the BBQ to you. Do you require a special menu for your guests? Have your catering company offer an option for the vegetarians or guests with allergy concerns. You can sit back and relax as your Calgary caterer cooks up deliciousness for you. These little extras in the catering world allow you to relax at your event, giving you time to mingle with future clients.

3. Unconventional Venue

Pick an unconventional venue for your catered party. What does this mean? Instead of having your Calgary catering event at the office, get away from the space you spend so much time in by planning a party in the park or at a theatre. Your guests will appreciate the unique atmosphere and feel more relaxed in a natural or casual environment, making conversations flow easier.

4. Entertainment

Think about what you enjoy at Calgary catering events and incorporate this into your party. You might like some type of entertainment as part of the event. Think about booking a musician to serenade your group or getting a guest speaker. If you decide to hire a speaker, think of someone who can relate to your business ideals and values. Your guests will have the opportunity to interact with your business persona in an informal environment, making them more likely to remember you. Your clients will be left with a positive impression of both you and your company.

5. Personalize

Put together a personalized gift for each of your guests. A gift can be a pen with the company logo or name on it or perhaps something along these lines. Personalized touches may cost money but you will get your return on investment. Your guests will feel appreciated and likely continue to be a client of yours for a long time. Perhaps someone who didn’t even come to the Calgary catering event will notice the pen and ask about your business. Your small gesture can lead to making a new business connection. Personal touches go a long way.

Now you know how to stand out from other businesses with a Calgary catering extravaganza! Be in control of your business’ future by taking charge to grow your clientele with the help of unique catering ideas. You will be happy you chose to cater to your event.

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