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5 Reasons to Have On-Site Calgary Catering

Your corporate event is coming up, and you want to stand out from other businesses. Are you tired of the same old coffee and doughnuts routine? Would you rather impress your co-workers and clients with delicious corporate catering service? If so, here’s why you should choose an on-site Calgary corporate catering company.

The Simplicity

With catering services in Calgary, you no longer have to figure out where to get the food, how to cook it, buy supplies, find seating options, and so on!

Rocky Mountain BBQ in Calgary will help make your corporate party planning easy We help you choose a menu and care for everything else you need. Stop worrying about the mess at the end; your on-site catering company will handle it.


Is your corporate event at an office in Calgary? Do you want your event at an outdoor venue? What do you do if it rains or snows? You don’t have to worry about these factors when choosing a catering service.

With Rocky Mountain BBQ, you pick the time and place, and we can make it happen!


Make the corporate event special for your guests. Go with a catering service in Calgary that can provide quality food and excellent service in a clean and organized manner.

Does someone at your event have a special food request? You can request options for vegans, carnivores or specialized dishes to accommodate allergies.


A knowledgeable catering service has experience in the food industry and knows what menu items suit your corporate event. They must be familiar enough to guide you through various delicious options.

No Equipment? No Problem!

Your catering company will have all the necessary equipment for an outstanding event.

Rocky Mountain BBQ caters to you with its equipment ready to go. Everything from stoves and BBQ’s down to plates, napkins, and cutlery are all taken care of with your on-site caterer. Keep yourself entertained by watching our caterers cook up a fiery event and indulge in the mouth-watering food provided!

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