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5 Main Considerations When Planning a Calgary Catering Event

Are you ready to book your next Calgary catering event? Here is what you need to consider when searching for the location.

1. Services

Look for a location that has services such as electrical, water and washroom access. Rocky Mountain BBQ is a Calgary catering company that comes equipped with stoves, BBQ’s’ and a full array of equipment to cook on, along with all the supplies needed to entertain your guests; making your event a standout from other Calgary caterers. A location with services allows cooking appliances to be hooked up and is a great benefit since it offers a spot to wash your hands after a big juicy steak. After a fantastic BBQ meal with all the trimmings and beverages, you and your guests may need a trip to the washroom.

2. Accessibility

When planning a catered event, you need to make sure everyone invited can attend comfortably. This means you have to think about the accessibility of the location for your guests who have restricted mobility or have to use a wheelchair. Head down to the location and check it out yourself before confirming the venue. A full visible inspection ensures there are ramps to reach the party zone so everyone can get around comfortably. Meticulously planning out the little things will save you from a possible large hassle during the catered event.

3. Parking

Find out if there is enough parking at the event location to accommodate all your guests and your Calgary caterer. If parking is limited, have your guests carpool or perhaps use available public transit to the area, or even check out a different location with the right amount of parking spots. Your attendees will be impressed that you went into such detail with planning your special event. The most fun parties are always the ones which are organized so both you and your guests can relax and have a great time.

4. Layout

Think about the layout of your event, where items will go, what guests will sit on, and the amenities you need to provide. If you’re lucky, your Calgary catering company will provide napkins, cutlery, and much more. Rocky Mountain BBQ is Calgary catering at its best, able to bring you all the necessary amenities to your party. With a definitive plan mapped out, everything will run smoothly and the transition from the catering van to the location will be a seamless process.

5. Price

Of course, it is important to check the price of venue locations. You need to make sure you stay within the budget for your company extravaganza, keeping your bosses happy. Always confirm the price including GST and any extras that might come up. This confirmation will allow you to give your boss a realistic quote, without any unexpected surprises on the day of the event.

Business can grow exponentially by hosting a catered event. If you put thought into all the party details, your event will be a hit and the guests will likely think of your business for whatever they need. A catered party is a great networking event to grow your company name and clientele.

Now, let’s get ready to party!

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