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5 Keys to Planning an Outstanding Catered Event

With Stampede coming up in Calgary, Alberta, it is time to get those cowboy boots on and celebrate. One of the best ways to partake in Stampede fun is by having a catered party. Are you ready to book your Calgary caterer? Here is what you need to know in order to plan an outstanding catered event.

1. Plan Your Catered Event Around A Theme

If you are planning a catered party, an added way to have some extra fun is to tie in a theme such as a Calgary Stampede BBQ. Besides dressing the part, ensure the food follows suit by picking menu options centred around your special event. Rocky Mountain BBQ has the perfect food for a Stampede themed party with an array of Alberta meat. Ask your Calgary caterer to provide napkins, plates and decorations matching your theme to add even more focus on your special occasion.

2. Advanced Notice

In order for your party to run smoothly, book a specific date and time with your Calgary caterers in advance, up to 1 year prior if you can since dates can book up quickly. Last-minute bookings, however, might also be available. The catering company will be prepared and so will you when given time. You should also give advanced notice of the location you wish to have the party at and the number of people attending. This way, your Calgary caterers will be familiar with the space so they can forecast how to set up and how much food to provide.

3. It’s All About the Timing and Style of Event

When looking to book a Calgary caterer, remember to keep in mind the amount of time the event will run. You want to offer food easy to chow down on in 30 minutes if it’s a quick meet and greet. The more elegant offering of items may take longer to consume and are better suited to a party lasting all day. Longer events lend themselves to serving different courses at varied times throughout the day.

It’s so hard to hold your plate, wander around the room, and eat at the same time. Consider the style of event you will be planning in order to make it easy on your guests to consume their food while interacting with others. You might have a sit-down style of party or a stand-up event so choose your food and set up accordingly.

4. Ask Your Guests

When booking a catered event, you want to ensure you are choosing items on the menu that are suitable for everyone attending. Make sure you contact all your guests to check if they have allergies or dietary restrictions. You need to make note of food preferences so no one accidentally bites into a piece of BBQ meat that is marinated in peanut oil (something they could be allergic to) causing a negative reaction. Your guests will thank you for considering their needs and likely react more positively to your party in general.

5. Legitimate Catering Service

Always, always, always check to see if the catering company you are booking is a professional business with appropriate licenses. You want to have an event run by a caterer who knows what they are doing. Positive reviews are always a great way to help choose your Calgary Caterer; referrals are even better.

Booking a caterer is about a lot more than just calling them up and scheduling a day and time. You need to take-into-account all the little details in order to have a memorable stand out party. Now dig out those cowboy duds and enjoy the Stampede season!

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