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5 Ideas For a “Sherlock Holmes” Inspired Wedding That No One Will Forget

BBC’s Sherlock Holmes has been able to captivate the attention of people with its highly engrossing storyline. The series has also been able to acquire quite a bit of fan-following. If you are one of the fans and you’re also getting married, then there is more than one way you can incorporate your favorite TV show into what is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. Here are a few ideas for a “Sherlock Holmes” inspired wedding.

Sherlock Holmes Book Cover Invitation Cards

“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” is one of the most popular books amongst children and adults. Taking the theme of the wedding into consideration, the idea here is to make the wedding invitations imitate the actual book. To make it more interesting, the book can also include a short story of the couple and how they met. Otherwise, one can even use hollowed out books as a jacket for the wedding invitation cards. Throw in a library card inside and you will end up with a rustic invitation card with a modern twist.

Open Field Venue

The best venue option for a Sherlock Holmes inspired wedding would be an open space, preferably close to nature. The open space, with trees and nature around, will give the place a very warm and mystical charm. To suit the theme and the place, the decoration can include centerpieces with flowers accentuated by lamps or candles. You can even place a magnifying glass and a smoking pipe on the table for decoration. Since John’s wedding in the series had a touch of purple, use that as an inspiration. Add elegance to the décor by using rustic chandeliers.

Groomsmen Carrying Umbrellas

The most striking thing about Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft is that he is always carrying an umbrella. And no matter how much they argue or deny any existence of brotherly love between them, they always seem to be there for each other. Therefore, the groomsmen should carry umbrellas as well. Team that up with long tail tuxedos and top hats for a vintage and classy look.


Even though we hardly see Sherlock Holmes eating any food, except for drinking tea, it doesn’t mean the menu for your wedding cannot be inspired by the series. Since the story is based in London, the menu can include classic English food like traditional English scones, roasted beef Silverside with gravy and mash, Yorkshire pudding, and so much more. Luckily, you do not have to prepare it because you can get wedding caterers to prepare this specific menu for you. As for drinks, bottle up champagne and wine. One can even have tea for those who do not drink alcohol.

Sherlock Holmes Party Favors

Party favors are easier to choose than any of the above. The first idea is to give the guest a diary designed with a Sherlock Holmes logo on it. Otherwise, you can gift the men Sherlock Holmes cufflinks. Another idea is to give the guests a classic wooden pipe, intricately packed in a box that can be used as a showcase as well. You can even use your own creativity and create Sherlock Holmes inspired party favors. Moreover, it will add a personal touch to the gifts.

The Sherlock Holmes inspired wedding ideas mentioned above will surely make your wedding the one that everyone wants to attend.

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