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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose BBQ Catering for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events are a pivotal aspect of business culture, providing unique opportunities for networking, team-building, and celebrating milestones. These gatherings offer a platform for colleagues to bond, share ideas, and foster a sense of unity and purpose. 

Choosing the right catering option is crucial in setting the tone and making the event memorable. This is where Rocky Mountain BBQ comes in. Choosing BBQ catering for your next corporate event in Calgary offers a delightful blend of flavours and a casual, engaging atmosphere that can transform a standard corporate event into an exciting and enjoyable experience. 

Here are 10 reasons you should choose BBQ catering for your next corporate event. 

1. Diverse Menu Options

Catering provides a wide array of choices, ensuring something for everyone. From various types of meat like ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and chicken to vegetarian options. A BBQ provides a variety of different tastes and dietary requirements.

For example, Rocky Mountain BBQ’s corporate catering services provide everything from dry ribs and chicken wings to garlic-roasted potatoes and creamy mac and cheese. A catering service can provide a more extensive menu than if you were to pick the ingredients yourself manually.

2. Festive and Enjoyable Atmosphere 

BBQ is often associated with fun and celebrations. Opting for BBQ for corporate catering can bring a joyful and relaxed vibe to your corporate event, making it more memorable and enjoyable for the attendees. This choice can create a festive atmosphere that complements the event’s purpose, whether a milestone celebration or a casual get-together​​.

3. Comfort and Familiarity

BBQ is a familiar favourite for many, often regarded as comfort food. By choosing BBQ for corporate catering in Calgary, you’re offering a menu that many will find comforting and enjoyable. It can be essential in large gatherings where you want to cater to diverse tastes without pushing guests out of their comfort zones​​.

4. Casual and Relaxed Setting

BBQ catering is an excellent choice if your corporate event aims for a more laid-back and informal atmosphere. It helps set a relaxed tone, making guests feel more at ease and at home, which can be conducive to networking and informal discussions​​.

5. Encourages Social Interaction

BBQ has a way of bringing people together, much like it does in family gatherings. It’s a type of food that naturally fosters social interaction, especially when served buffet style, encouraging guests to mingle and engage with each other​​.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

BBQ catering can be a cost-effective option for corporate events. Many caterers offer a range of packages that can fit different budgets, often including various sides, desserts, and beverages alongside the main BBQ dishes​​.

7. Stress-Free Planning

With our BBQ corporate catering services, you no longer have to figure out where to get the food, how to cook it, buy supplies, find seating options, and so on, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the event​​!

8. Accommodating Diverse Preferences

Does someone at your event have a special food request? You can request options for vegans, carnivores or specialized dishes to accommodate allergies. This flexibility ensures that all attendees, regardless of their dietary restrictions, can enjoy the meal​​. 

9. Convenience and Service

Many BBQ caterers provide convenient delivery and set-up services, including full-service options where they take care of serving and clean-up. This level of service can significantly enhance the overall experience of the event​​.

10. Equipment

At Rocky Mountain BBQ, we will have all the necessary equipment for an outstanding event.

Rocky Mountain BBQ caters to you with its equipment ready to go. Everything from stoves and BBQs down to plates, napkins, and cutlery are all taken care of with your on-site caterer. Keep your guests entertained by watching our caterers cook up a fiery event and indulge in the mouth-watering food provided!

Transforming Calgary Corporate Events with Flavourful Catering

Choosing BBQ catering for your corporate event in Calgary offers numerous advantages. It caters to diverse tastes, creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, ensures a stress-free planning experience, and can be cost-effective and convenient. 

With our catering services, we take care of these details at Rocky Mountain BBQ, so you don’t have to! Our corporate BBQ catering services in Calgary offer entrees, platters, salads, sides, and more that your guests will love.

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